we're back

Welcome back to the Vintage Motorsports Online Store. We have worked to refocus our engergy to provide unique products to the Backdraft and replica car market.

Instead of offering a long line of products that can be purchased anywhere, our new goal is to offer distinct products that we have developed in-house, worked with outside partners to develop, or simply found a replacement part that works better.

If the product is listed here, we fully endorse its quality.

Thank you again for your business. Enjoy the drive.

- Vintage Motorsports

our products

VMS Start Button

Get rid of the plastic factory start button and upgrade to this completely metal button from VMS. Includes wire pigtail for easy install.

$64.95 each. $7.95 shipping in the USA.

Note: Some dashes may require a light filing of the hole for proper clearance.

Billet Dash Knobs

Such a simple upgrade that will make a dramatic difference. These billet aluminum knobs are threaded to replace the plastic pull knobs on your Backdraft dash.

Can be used to replace the factory headlight, wiper, and hazard light knob (later style that is similar to headlight knob).

$6.95 shipping in the USA.

The Ultimate Shift Handle

This is the new favorite at Vintage Motorsports. Hurst short shifter puts it right where you want it. Has a gentle forward rake and under 7" tall. Click photo to see in car.

Fits Tremec shifters on T-5, TKO-500, TKO-600, and T-56. Chrome and beautiful.

The best $45.95 you can spend. $7.95 shipping in the USA.

Note: Requires shift knob sold at right.

Classic Shift Knobs

These classic shift knobs work with our shift handles. Select your color and shift pattern below.

Only $34.95 each. $6.95 shipping in the USA.

Shift Knob Adapter

If you would like to use these classic style shift knobs on the Backdraft factory shift handle this adapter kit is necessary. Low $2.95 shipping in the USA.